11 awesome Yogurt quotes from Hollywood Movies

Tough Guys (1986)

Yogurt boy: Hey, that’s GELLOTTI! I asked for YOGURT!
Archie Long: [peering at it] I don’t see any difference.
Yogurt boy: GELLOTTI is made out of CREAM! YOGURT is made out of BACTERIA CULTURE! Where were you raised, in a cave?

Notting Hill (1999)

Spike: There’s something wrong with this yogurt.
William: Ah, that’s not yogurt, that’s mayonnaise.

Beautiful Thing (1996)

Ste: [reading magazine] You cannot transmit the HIV virus by frottage.
Ste: What’s frottage?
Jamie Gangel: It’s yogurt. It’s French.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series)

Faith: God, I could eat a horse. Isn’t it crazy how slaying just always makes you hungry and horny?
[everybody looks at Buffy]
Buffy: Well… Sometimes I-I crave a nonfat yogurt afterwards.

The Simpsons (TV Series)

Homer: Do you sell toys?
Shopkeeper: We sell forbidden objects from places men fear to tread… we also sell frozen yogurt, which I call “frogurt”!

The Ex (2006)

Chip Sanders: [hits Tom with wheelchair] That’s for stealing my yogurt, douche.

Bio-Dome (1996)

Miss? If you were yogurt, would you be fruit at the bottom or stirred?

Threesome (1994)

If you eat my yogurt again, I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna fucking kill you.

The Odd Couple II (1998)

We’ve always had bad chemistry, Felix. We mix like oil and frozen yogurt.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

My favorite is Chocolate Cherry Garcia… except technically I think it’s a frozen yogurt.

Triple Dog (2010)

I’m not touching your feet, Cecily. Seriously, they smell like yogurt.