Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Review

Euro Cuisine has a comprehensive range of small kitchen appliances. Their yogurt makers are Italian designed and work quiet well. The YMX650 Digital yogurt maker is an automatic model from Euro Cuisine. Consumers rate this yogurt maker highly and thankfully.  Some reviews were from first-time users who cannot imagine a simpler yogurt maker and who were delighted with their end result.  The Euro Cuisine yogurt maker is a cost-effective way to make your own yogurt breakfast treats or midday snacks.



Capacity is 42 ounces

Makes yogurt in 6 to 10 hours depending on thickness of the yogurt needed

Seven 6-ounce jars with dateable lids

15-hour countdown timer

Automatic shut off

Easy-to-read LCD display

Individual glass jar lids storage

Dishwasher safe glass jars


It is a great product with great features. You can also put a 7 litre pyrex bowl in the yogurt machine instead of using the jars that come with it. The glass jars that come with it are better than plastic jars that come in some yogurt makers like Aroma.

For those potential users who have enjoyed creamy, smooth yogurt, here is a product that can help you make your own recipes for great yogurt that will make your refrigerator the source of wholesome, nutritional treats.

This yogurt maker is easy to use and as the chef becomes more familiar with the product, he or she will undoubtedly try their own special recipes.

The automatic yogurt maker is easy to clean and simple to use.

The Cuisinart fully automatic has more features and is more expensive. But this is a good option and has very good reviews overall.

Consumers recommend that the pasteurized milk not be heated before use and that it should simply be added to the started materials.  Mix the milk and room temperature starter and stir in a picture. This makes the composition easier to pour.  Once the jars are filled, turn the starter on and wait for the results.  Some users have added a touch of sugar to their recipes.  You are sure to be a big hit with your first batch.

The package includes a recipe book that will open to the doors to new possibilities.  Ask your family what sounds best, strawberry, blueberry, banana, vanilla, chocolate swirl, apricot or any of the many recipes included. If your experience is like most users, you will soon be ordering more of the washable glass jars.
This yogurt maker had great durability and is a smart purchase.  There is even more value when the health and nutritional benefits are considered.  You cannot go wrong with the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker