What Is The Best Frozen Yogurt Machine?

A lot of people get their frozen yogurt fix from frozen yogurt shops, affectionately known as ‘froyo shops,’ whether heading to a mom ‘n pop store or a chain store like the eponymous FroYo.

But, what if you don’t live nearby such a shop? And, what if you’d rather save money? Well, you don’t have to keep heading to a froyo shop just to get frozen yogurt. You can make it yourself!

The Frozen Yogurt Machine

Frozen yogurt machines, also known as makers, are small appliances that make frozen yogurt. Although many of those machines are merely ice cream machines, there are now separate appliances used to exclusively make frozen yogurt.

So, whether you get a specifically labeled ‘frozen yogurt machine’ or an electric ice cream maker, know that both appliances are capable of producing tasty frozen yogurt.

You can use a maker to make as much tasty frozen yogurt as you want, using any type of recipe you want. It’s pretty easy to get started using one of these machines; after all, they’re designed that way.

But, what’s the best frozen yogurt machine out there today? Well, plenty of different frozen yogurt machines exist. The most common are automatic or electric frozen yogurt machines, though there are purely mechanical models that use hand cranks or act as ‘play and freeze’ balls for active play.

Of course, if you’re planning to buy the best frozen yogurt machine, you’re probably looking for an electric one. So, we’re going to take a look at some of the best frozen yogurt machines that money can buy.

The Best Frozen Yogurt Machines ~ Comparing 4 Popular Models

Hamilton Beach 68330 4 Qt Bucket Ice Cream Maker

Hamilton Beach 68330

Even though the Hamilton Beach 68330 is labeled as an ice cream maker, this appliance is also great for making frozen yogurt. This ‘frozen yogurt machine’ also comes with a recipe book that contains ice cream and frozen yogurt recipes, too.

You can make up to 4 quarts of frozen yogurt in about 40 minutes, depending on your recipe. Simpler recipes, such as your standard vanilla, will take less than 30 minutes.

It also has an Easy-Lock lid to prevent spills and is pretty small, so you can keep out on your counter top during the summer (or all year round, really). For its inexpensive price, you can’t go wrong with this frozen yogurt maker.

Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker

Here’s another ice cream maker that doubles as a great frozen yogurt maker. The Cuisinart ICE-50BC is higher end, so it will cost a few hundred to buy (that also goes for the newer model, too).

This frozen yogurt machine is made from stainless steel, and features a built-in compressor freezer, so you don’t really need to pre-freeze its bowl. This machine pretty much lets you ‘set it and forget it.’ You just need to add in your frozen yogurt mix and let it go.

The machine makes as much as 1 1/2 quarts of frozen yogurt at a time, so you will have to fire up the machine more than once if you’re planning on making a lot for more than 2 people. It has a timer to let you know when the frozen yogurt is done, too.

People actually don’t mind paying the extra money for this frozen yogurt machine. It makes excellent quality frozen yogurt, even though it takes a bit longer to make a lot at one time.

Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker

Another Cuisinart ice cream maker that can also produce frozen yogurt. The Cuisinart ICE-30BC is priced much lower than its expensive counterpart, the Supreme. So, for a little over $100, this frozen yogurt machine is probably the best compromise for people who want a good durable machine at a better price.

You can make as much as 2 quarts in this machine. It also takes less time to produce it than with other models: less than 30 minutes, at that. It’s also pretty compact, so you can easily keep this on a counter top on a regular basis.

Some might consider this machine to produce frozen yogurt at a softer consistency than they prefer, but it’s good enough for most customers, as evidenced by their glowing reviews.

Aroma AIC-204EM 4-Quart Wood Barrel Ice Cream Maker

Aroma Housewares AIC-204EM 4-Quart Wood-Barrel Ice-Cream Maker, Natural Wood

If you want something traditional, the Aroma Wood Barrel Ice Cream Maker is a hand crank maker that’s also good for making frozen yogurt.

This maker and other similar barrel ice cream makers make up to 4 quarts of frozen yogurt at a time. Some, like the Aroma, have automatic ice cream churning controls, but you can easily keep them off and use the hand crank if you want to have traditionally made frozen yogurt.

This maker is great for people who want to experience how fun it is to make their own frozen yogurt. Although it’s not for everyone, it’s a great option to have on the market.

Frozen Yogurt Machine Reviews

To Make Frozen yogurt is a tasty and popular alternative to ice cream. While you used to have to go to the store or restaurant to buy it, that’s simply no longer the case. This tasty treat can now be made at home using a frozen yogurt machine. These machines are relative newcomers to the market, so there are still a lot of people who don’t know they exist. Be the envy of your neighborhood by being the first to own one.

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Commercial Machines

From upper scale establishments to all-you-can-eat buffets and everything in-between, a commercial frozen yogurt machine makes for a great addition to any restaurant. Customers will appreciate the fact that you offer a healthy option for dessert. While the initial cost of one of these machines is a deterrent to some, restaurant owners who have them say they pay for themselves quickly. Click the link to go the Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machine review section.

Home Machines

Sometimes you just don’t like leaving the house. While it used to be true that you had to go out to get good frozen yogurt, that is simply no longer the case. There are a number of machines on the market that you can use at home to make your favorite treats.

Once you purchase one for your home, you can experiment and find the recipes your family loves the best. You can find everything from tasty fruit flavors to chocolate peanut butter cup recipes on the Internet. If you can dream it up, there’s probably a recipe available for it. Click the link to go to the Home Frozen Yogurt Machine review section.

Frozen Yogurt vs. Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt, or fro-yo as fans like to call it, has been around since the late 70’s. You can buy it in any grocery store if you feel like paying a premium price for it. It comes in a carton similar to what ice cream comes in. It typically costs more than regular ice cream, but is a much healthier alternative. While ice cream is packed full of fat, frozen yogurt is comparatively fat-free. While milk fat comprises as much as 16% of ice cream, frozen yogurt only contains approximately 0.5 to 0.6%. This minimal amount of milk fat allows the yogurt to maintain a consistency similar to that of its unhealthy cousin.

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In addition to having less fat and less calories, using a frozen yogurt machine to make healthy treats for the family is beneficial in other ways. The yogurt used in the recipe contains live cultures, which are beneficial to the body in a number of ways. They assist with digestion and help the body’s immune system. It is believed that these cultures can even help lower cholesterol levels. Those who are sensitive to lactose may be able to tolerate the lactose in frozen yogurt because the enzymes in yogurt help break down dairy products.

Homemade Frozen Yogurt Machine Reviews

Kids love homemade frozen yogurt every bit as much as they love ice cream. Adults like it as well, since it is a healthier choice than ice cream. What many people don’t realize is that this delicious treat can be made at home with a frozen yogurt machine. There are a number of devices on the market capable of making frozen yogurt, and the cost of these machines has really come down in the past few years.

If you go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt often, a machine will pay for itself quickly. It’s much cheaper to stay home and make enough frozen yogurt for the whole family than it is to go out and buy it. The best part is, you can make enough so there are leftovers you can freeze and eat later. You can also experiment with toppings and flavors, and creating your own custom blends is fun for the whole family. Add your favorite types of fruit, or go all out and mix in your favorite brands of candy or chocolate. You can figure it out on your own, or try any one of a number of recipes available online.

Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Machine

When it comes to ice cream and homemade frozen yogurt, there’s really only one brand to consider. Cuisinart has taken the market by storm, offering a number of devices that can make anything from a small serving or two to enough to last for weeks.

Most of the yogurt-making devices sold today are similar to ice cream machines in that you put the yogurt and flavoring in a steel freezer bowl, which attaches to the machine and spins slowly in a circle, mixing the contents into tasty frozen yogurt. The machines on the market today can typically be used for a number of purposes, and can be used to make ice cream or even sorbet if you so desire.

There is also a Cuisinart frozen yogurt machine that serves up soft-serve cones. It can be used to make ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet and sherbet. This machine is popular with the kids. Load it with frozen yogurt and they’ll never know you’re giving them a healthy treat.

Cuisinart Mix-It-In Soft Serve Machine Review

As far as home frozen yogurt machines go, this is pretty much as good as it gets. This handy soft serve machine uses a freezer bowl to mix up everything from homemade frozen yogurt to sorbet. It comes with 3 built-in condiment dispensers along with a handy cone holder that can handle pointed or flat-bottom cones. It serves up one and a half quarts in 20 minutes, so there should be enough for all but the largest of families.

The best feature by far is the pull-handle dispenser. This gives the feel of being at a restaurant where you serve your own frozen yogurt and is a feature your kids will absolutely love. The frozen yogurt comes out slow enough to where it’s easy to control, but not so slow as to take forever to serve up a bowl.

The only downside I could find to this frozen yogurt machine is the fact that the holes on the condiment dispensers seem a little small. While it’s tough to get it to serve up larger items like gummy bears, it works like a charm with stuff like mini-M&M’s and crushed peanuts.

Frozen Yogurt Vs. Ice Cream

The battle to determine which is better in regards to frozen yogurt vs ice cream is one which sees a lot of debate. Proponents of ice cream tout the taste and the creaminess, while frozen yogurt fans are quick to point out the health benefits of their favorite treat. Since its introduction in the 70’s, it has slowly been gaining ground on ice cream and now has captured upwards of 10% of the dessert market. While it’s a fact that more people on average consume ice cream, what isn’t as clear is why. When you look at the facts, it’s obvious fro-yo, as fans like to call it, should be more popular than it is.

Frozen Yogurt

When it was first released, frozen yogurt wasn’t all that good. It had a tart, tangy taste to it and people didn’t really care for the taste or consistency. A lot of people who tried it when it first came out in the 70’s turned their backs on it and haven’t thought about it since. What many of these people don’t realize is that things have changed quite a bit. Frozen yogurt has come a long way in the past 20 years, and it is now almost indistinguishable from ice cream in flavor and consistency. It looks and tastes the same, and you can even buy soft serve frozen yogurt that is every bit as good as soft serve ice cream.

Frozen yogurt is made of yogurt cultures, milk fat and solids, sweetener, corn syrup and various flavors. The milk fat is added to enhance smoothness and only makes up about half of a percent of the total ingredients. The milk solids are also added to enhance the smoothness, and make up about 15 percent of yogurts total ingredient base. The cultures that are added to yogurt make it easier to digest than other milk products.

Ice Cream

Ice cream, on the hand is made up of a much larger percentage of milk fat. The milk fat in ice cream is close to 15 percent of the total volume, with milk solids adding another 11 percent. Combined, you’re looking at approximately 25 percent of ice cream’s total ingredient base coming from fatty milk products. Ice cream is high in fat and high in sugar, making it a less than ideal dessert for the health-conscious individual.

Frozen Yogurt Vs. Ice Cream

While some claim there is a difference in taste between the two, all but the most sophisticated of palates would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Both frozen yogurt and ice cream are made in a similar manner. As a matter of fact, some companies make both items on the same assembly line. The tanginess of frozen yogurt is no longer an issue, and it tastes the same as ice cream to most people.

Where fro-yo really blows the competition out of the water is in regards to health benefits. Both are high protein, calcium and riboflavin, but only frozen yogurt provides healthy cultures. These cultures provide additional vitamins and help with digestion. There have also been studies done that show they  help the body’s immune system and are good for your joints. For a person who’s lactose intolerant, there’s really no contest, as the cultures help break down the lactose, making it more digestible.

By the Numbers

Frozen Yogurt
Ice Cream
WINNER. Live cultures help with digestion and promote joint health.
None. Harder to digest.
Variety of flavors available. Not as many as ice cream
WINNER. Larger variety of flavors than frozen yogurt.
Calories and Fat:
WINNER. Frozen yogurt has only 0.5% fat content and generally has less calories.
Ice cream contains 15% fat content and is higher in calories.
WINNER. As long as you seek out frozen yogurt with live cultures, it is much easier to digest than other milk products.
Cream based. No cultures to help break down the lactose.
WINNER. Frozen yogurt is the decisive winner. It is the healthier choice and is easier to digest.
While ice cream tastes good, it has significantly more fat and doesn’t contain live cultures.

While fans of ice cream will disagree, it appears we have a clear-cut winner in the ice cream vs frozen yogurt debate. Frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream and tastes the same, making it the smarter choice.

You can make your own frozen yogurt at home. Go to the homemade frozen yogurt machine review section or click on one of the links below to go straight to Amazon: